My Muse: Tom Hiddleston


Tom Hiddleston fan fiction at its very best! Without imagining the great and talented actor Tom Hiddleston as Merick, I never would have written or finished Theandropia: Definitive Moment.


I discovered Tom as Loki from the Avengers. Just as the picture above states, “I only wanted to know who played Loki. I didn’t ask for any of this.” After googling Mr. Hiddleston and seeing his other works, I couldn’t help but feel I’d discovered a treasure. I’m inspired not just by his acting and good looks, but his humanitarian work with UNICEF, and most of all his kindness to people.


Tom Hiddleston is best known as Loki from the Marvel Thor series and the Avengers.


He was spectacular as Coriolanus. I watched the live broadcast in Allentown at the Symphony Hall.


As Prince Hal from The Hollow Crown.


From War Horse.


Tom Hiddleston doing humanitarian with UNICEF.


Teaching Cookie Monster self control.


Tom Hiddleston is wonderful as himself.


How I picture Tom Hiddleston as Merick with Nicole. (Merick’s hair isn’t quite as long.)


Young Tom Hiddleston in Unrelated. Hope this image helps when you read about Nicole traveling back in time to her definitive moment.