It all began with a knock on the door…


Get ready to escape the mundane world with Nicole Crum , an ordinary 18 year old high school senior who, while home alone, reluctantly answers her door to help an injured handsome stranger.

Theandropia: Definitive Moment
by Rita Bittner
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Reviews of Theandropia: Definitive Moment from Amazon:
GET THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW BECAUSE — WELL, FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF! By Lizard Lady on December 7, 2013Format: Kindle Edition . Well, it’s about time this long-awaited book came out! I am amazed at how well thought out the characters and plots are. It definitely is a great read, especially right before bed so you think about it subconsciously! You know it’s gooooooood when you make up the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and have to read another chapter before going back to bed.

By Shelby Williams on December 3, 2013, Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.  I loved this book!! The characters were perfect. The details were phenomenal, I clearly understood everything. This book made me cry and smile multiple times, also made my palms sweat from being so worried! I thought it was amazing, clever, and very well thought out. I finished it in less than a day. I can’t wait to read it over and over again. I’m defiantly going to recommend this to all my friends!


Excellent Youth Read By Valorie Spanogle on May 3, 2014, Format: Paperback Verified Purchase I really enjoyed the fast pace of Ms. Bittner’s book. I picked it up to read a chapter while I ate and then had to force myself to put it down at chapter 6 and get back to work. I would recommend this book to anyone, including youth readers. Totally held my interest.

 I have never read a self published book before but realize there are very talented writers out there that aren’t instantly picked up by a major publishing firm. Rita has written a thought provoking work that catches a persons interest and keeps them wanting more. I can’t wait for the next book and urge anybody interested in sci-fi mixed with fantasy to pick up this book because it was an awesome read!