Q:What inspired you to write Theandropia: Definitive Moment?

RSB: The more accurate question should be “Who inspired me to write Theandropia: Definitive Moment?” Let me back track a bit first- I was in a writers group, inspired by my friend Danielle’s idea. I rushed home and wrote what is now the first chapter, and asked her if we could collaborate on a book. She agreed, but soon become overwhelmed with homeschooling and pregnancy. Danielle dropped out of the project, but I kept writing,

Theandropia: Definitive Moment didn’t come to life until after I’d seen the movie The Avengers. Entranced by Loki, I needed to know who played him. After googling the actor who played Loki, I discovered Tom Hiddleston, but felt like I’d uncovered a treasure. As soon as I visualized Tom Hiddleston as Merick, the story came to life for me.

I found the things Loki said in the Avengers about freedom intriguing. Freewill fascinates me, as do people’s views on freewill. My deep spiritual convictions are embedded in how we choose to use our freewill in this mortal experience of a testing ground. But why do so many people seem to want no responsibility for their actions. How much are we really in control of our lives and choices? How do you explain slavery and addiction?

As someone with an addictive personality, I found myself obsessively pouring over Tom Hiddleston on the internet. I wondered, what if one were addicted to a person or relationship, not just as a metaphor like in pop-psychology, but as a deep down physiological addiction complete with nasty physical withdrawal symptoms? So I envisioned an alien race who’s contact causes humans to feel drugged, high and docile. Like heroin or meth, the Theandropians give humans a high with mere touch of their hand.

Q: Why are they called Theandropians?

RSB: It’s derived from Greek word theandropic – having or of a nature of both divine and human, it is a concept of theological doctrine. With their stunning good looks, charisma, and charm mixed with their powerful drug-like chemistry effecting humans so profoundly, they appear to be god like. However, most of the species has no empathy and naturally exploit humans. Basically, they are socio and psychopaths. My idea of a compassionate God clashes with this, so basically I named them Theandriopians sarcastically.

Q: What is the book about?

RSB: How a young woman, Nicole, struggles to maintain her sense of self control, and find her way home after encountering Merick, a handsome Theandropian, whom she believes she loves.

Q: Please tell us how they meet.

RSB: With a knock on the door! When home alone, Nicole hears incessant knocking on the front door. When she peers through the peephole, she sees a handsome injured man, Merick. She finds herself opening the door against her will and better judgment only to have him barge into her life in what appears to be a home invasion/ drug bust gone wrong. It seems the police are chasing Merick, however, of course, things are never what they appear to be. Nicole’s life becomes unhinged and her world is never the same again. Merick tells Nicole to take a pink pill, which she initially refuses to do. As Merick takes an identical pill, shortly thereafter he dissolves into a dark pillar of sand which then blows away. When Nicole sees for the first time who is pursuing them, she takes the pill as a matter of survival. It’s quite a desperate move, motivated by what she sees.

Q: What is it that she sees?

RSB: I don’t want to spoil it for some new readers.

Q: Why did you go Indie?

RSB: Since I am not an A-list author, I’m responsible for much of the publicity and work promoting Theandropia. If traditionally published I’d do the same work with less profit. There’s more profit, dollars vs. pennies  going Indie. Plus, with traditional publishers, there is a narrow band of time in order to reach a certain number of sales. If not met, my book would be pulled from the shelves, never to see the light of day again. I can’t risk that for Theandropia:Definitive Moment. It’s like my baby.