Here are some newer paranormals, steampunk, urban fantasy, compiled for you and HEA by romance authors (info provided by authors, publishers and/or their websites):

The Last Vampire by J.T. Geissinger (StoryFront). Former Soviet surgeon Roman Ivanescu honors his Hippocratic Oath never to do harm by working at a blood bank in Manhattan. Quenching his violent thirst without killing a soul, Roman resists his natural urges and dances on the edge of sanity. Entranced by his first taste of her, Roman hunts down prima ballerina Maiko Himura, who awakens in him a passion he thought long dead. But when Roman finds out his new love has just a few weeks left on earth, he must make a terrible choice. And for every gift, there is a price. A vampire’s passionate confession to his beloved, J.T. Geissinger’s The Last Vampire transforms a classic predator into a man forced to make desperate choices for love.

Dark Wolf Running by Rhyannon Byrd (Harlequin Nocturne). With his sharp gaze locked on the most magnificent female he’d ever seen, Wyatt Pallaton did his best to hold himself back. Of course, Elise Drake was hardly just any female. Fiery and cool, strong, yet at the same time achingly vulnerable, she’d turned his entire world on its head. No matter how bloody difficult it proved to be, he was done letting her pretend he didn’t even exist.

Nightmaster by Susan Krinard (Harlequin Nocturne). Rumors of war are rumbling in the vampire city of Erebus. Undercover agent Trinity Ward must pose as a blood slave to unearth the truth and keep the peace between vampires and humans. Acting now as a serf to Ares—a powerful Bloodmaster—Trinity must give herself to him…. Yet one look into his striking eyes turns submission into burning desire.

Kristar by D. Renee Bagby (Bookstrand Publishing). Chigaru wants a woman who will distract him before he commits treason. Kitty is restless and needs a major change. She’s not right for his world, and he’s not what she expected. They are soul mates, but knowing that might not be enough to overlook their pasts for a future together.

Unmasking the Wolf by Christy Gissendaner (Taliesin Publishing). Gina Moretti, the daughter of an alpha, leaves her rural Indiana home to run from a life planned by her family. She goes to Boston, where her cousin’s boss, the rich and handsome Luke Mason, has employed him to combat a wolf’s scent. Testing the pill himself, Luke’s scent is masked. As L-12 gets closer to trial, it becomes apparent someone will stop at nothing to get it. Racing to protect his research, Luke faces the biggest challenge of all, convincing Gina that he’s her mate.

Starry Night by Lea Griffith (Taliesin Publishing). Tales from the Secret Realm series. She was banished but has never given up. Three hundred years spent on an ice planet has not broken Talini. As a daughter of the Fae, Jack Frost, she is made of all things ice and snow. But then she meets a man who warms her as no one ever has and she is set adrift with desire. He has contracted to find a woman lost for three centuries. Kian has searched for a long time. Jack Frost has agreed to pay him a lot of money to find his daughter and he’s determined to see his goal met. Then he meets a woman who makes him shiver and shake, thawing his cold heart. Together they will set on a journey that will lead them down a perilous road. They will forge a bond as fragile as a snowflake but as strong as forever. Together they will prove that love can bloom amidst the frost.

How Zombies Stole Christmas by Sidney Bristol (Taliesin Publishing). Tales from the Secret Realms series. Every creature in Haven snuggled down in their beds, ready for another Christmas, they liked it a lot. But not everyone in this magical land shares their holiday cheer … Evelina Frost is a woman used to staying in the shadows, but this year Christmas needs a hero, and with Santa away, it’s up to her to save the holiday from ruin. A figure dressed in white cast a spell and from the frozen land, ghastly zombies appear. Kameron is a creature out-of-place in the frigid land, but he’s carved out a life, away from his Highland moors and pastures, happy to live alone. Until a woman barges into his life, and awakens urges he hasn’t known in centuries.

Frostbitten by Becca Jameson (Taliesin Publishing). Tales from the Secret Realm series. Adonia has been isolated from society her entire life. Banished from her pack for crimes committed before her birth, she lives a solitary existence with her mother in the wilds of Siberia. Zephyr has been sent by the ruler of winter, Jack Frost, to find a daughter he just found out existed. When Zephyr finds her, the storm that erupts is both literal and figurative. Fated to mate, Adonia and Zephyr must find a way to put an end to the blizzard burying them in snow. Battling forces of nature neither of them understands, they are trapped inside Adonia’s small cabin, waiting for…the inevitable.

Branded by Étaín by Jianne Carlo (Taliesin Publishing). Book one in the Beasts of Bärvik series. Princess Étaín of Caul Carlinne remains unsullied by her violent past. When she chooses Brand of Bärvik as her mate, has she brought havoc and destruction to her people?


The following new releases were compiled for HEA by Patricia C. Lee, author of Destiny’s Present. Her website is

Sapphire Dream by Pamela Palmer. While seeking answers about her past at Castle Stour, Brenna Cameron is transported to a seventeenth-century pirate ship complete with dangerous crew and a handsome captain who is less than pleased to have her aboard. Captain Rourke Douglas knows this woman’s appearance is linked to the prophecy that has haunted his family for years. When Brenna with the sapphire pendant around her neck, Rourke wants to send her back to wherever she came from. But something about Brenna stirs his wounded soul, and Rourke knows he cannot outrun his destiny any longer.

Slayde, Book 2 (Chaos Time Serial) by Marie Hall. Eric Slayde is a redneck. He’s cold, cruel, and always calculating. But dark forces are conspiring to tear apart the very fabric of the universe and in order for his band of misfits to succeed, his past will have to be unraveled, he’ll have to be understood, and there’s only one woman who can do it. If she’s brave enough to try.

Celestial Chaos (The Commons) by Jessica Marting. Kurran Empire fighter pilot Lieutenant Honora Kharn goes back in time to thwart a plot by the Nym, but ends up returning home with a man critically injured by Nym agents. Dishonourably discharged, she’s responsible for a man centuries from where he should be. Andrew Claybourne shouldn’t have trusted the scientists regarding his final affairs. He’s hundreds of years into the future with the irritable and antisocial Lieutenant Kharn for company. They try to forge new lives for themselves while travelling through space, but when the opportunity to go home surfaces, neither are sure if that’s where they truly belong.

Amethyst Destiny (Jewels of Time) by Pamela Palmer. Despite her cousin’s warning not to touch the necklace until she’s out of Scotland, Julia Brodie gives into temptation and finds herself back in a seventeenth century castle staring into the startled eyes of a handsome rogue. Talon MacClure, known as the Wizard, believes his own magical amethyst ring has called the bonnie Julia through time in order to aid him in his latest perilous assignment. The Wizard never fails thanks to the ring that long ago changed his life. But when his mission puts Julia in mortal danger, Talon begins to realize love is the greatest magic of all.

Vall’s Will by Linda Mooney. They found Vall chained and beaten yet still exhibiting strength of character in the depths of an enemy ship. Captain Willis Tate’s orders were to deliver Vall to the nearest Regency base, despite the exciting new feelings he brought in her. But a ship of unknown origin demands Vall in exchange for her life and millions more. It isn’t until she finally discovers Vall’s true identity that Will realizes how special he is to keeping balance in the Universe. And how special she has become to him.

Noelle In His Heart (Celestial Seasons) by C.E. Kilgore. For the past six years, all Noelle has ever wished for Christmas is someone with warm arms to hold her and who can understand that she has commitments — commitments which include the twenty-six children at the foster center she volunteers for. Stranded on Earth six years ago, Steve and his crewmates have done a pretty good job of secretly finding a place in human society, but it doesn’t erase the loneliness that hits hardest around the holidays. He longs for companionship and someone who will understand that his alien heart can love just as deeply.

Majesty (To Be Sinclair) by Eva Caye. Treason rocks researcher Felice Sinclair’s empire and her husband Emperor Victor Sinclair needs Felice to oversee investigations in her role as Empress! She’s torn between his request and her desire to deploy a discovery that could lead to redesigning the substrate of human colonization efforts galaxy-wide. Facing an imminent invasion, Felice has to deal with the emotional reactions and political realities due to her stunning new technology and only Victor can help her now!

Theandropia: Definitive Moment by Rita S. Bittner. It all began with a knock on the door, a stranger, a journey, and an addiction like no other. Nicole Crum’s life is interrupted by Merick, a handsome otherworldly being. He seems to already know her, but to Nicole, he’s a stranger with mysterious abilities to control her actions. Merick claims to need her help; the fates of Earth, the universe, and countless parallel universes depend on it. Can Nicole trust him or herself?

God’s Other Children. Arrival by Rob McLean. John Hunter’s life changes the night an alien spaceship arrives and he rescues a Christian girl named Angela, who was drugged at his nightclub. The aliens want to help humanity, but insist Earth renounce all religion before imparting technologies to save the planet and admitting humanity into the greater Galactic community. Religious leaders condemn the aliens but corporate and political leaders see only opportunities. The world is soon divided along religious and secular lines and John is torn between his secular, worldly life that he knows and his ill-fated love of Angela, a woman unlike any other he has ever known.


Don’t Touch by Barbara Taub (Taliesin Publishing). Book two in the Null City series. Hope flares each morning in the tiny flash of a second before Lette touches that first thing. And destroys it. Her online journal spans a decade, beginning with the day a thirteen-year-old inherits an extreme form of the family “gift.” Every day whatever she touches converts into something new: bunnies, bubbles, bombs, and everything in between. Lette’s search for a cure leads her to Stefan, whose fairy-tale looks hide a monstrous legacy, and to Rag, an arrogant, crabby ex-angel with boundary issues. The three face an army led by a monster who feeds on children’s fear. But it’s their own inner demons they must defeat first.

The following new releases were compiled for HEA by Deborah O’Neill Cordes, co-author of the Roman Time travel series. Her website is

Hatshepsut’s Collar (The Artifact Hunters #2) by A. W. Exley (Curiosity Quills Press). Viscount Nathaniel Lyons is a man of numerous secrets, but there is one in particular that threatens his fledgling relationship with Cara. Stunned by Nate’s revelation, and before she can absorb the ramifications of his actions, he is arrested, charged with treason and imprisoned in the grim Tower of London. He stole something the mad queen wants, and only has days to deliver, before his date with the executioner. Although sorely tempted, Cara can’t let him die on Tower Green, not when their connection means she would share his fate. Only together can Cara and Nate figure out how to wrestle Hatshepsut’s Collar from around the queen’s neck, before she plunges Britain into a world war. The search for answers sends Cara to the opulent Winter Palace of St Petersburg and the frozen depths of Siberia, with every step shadowed by an enemy with his own dark plans.


The Witch Who Cried Wolf by Sarah Makela (Kissa Press). Be careful what you wish for… After a potion gone wrong, Mia Brooks is a witch hiding from werewolves she didn’t know existed. When her brother’s best friend comes home from deployment for the holidays, the emotions she has suppressed boil to the surface. For Ethan Parker, not only does his view of the supernatural shift when a werewolf attacks them, but his feelings for Mia intensify to the point where he can no longer hide them.